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What To Do Before Applying For A Home Equity Loan

Posted by Lone Star CU on 04/11/2019

Home equity loans give access to a large sum of money by allowing you to borrow against your home's value. You aren't limited to only using the loan for house-related expenses as long as your home is worth more than you owe on it.

For example, the expenses can be used to remodel your property, pay for college, or fund the purchase of a second home. This type of loan is different that a traditional loan as it acts as a line of credit, meaning that a certain amount of your home will be borrowed and your equity in the home is the collateral for the loan.

The advantage of home equity loans is that interest rates are considerably lower than they would be through a credit card.

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10 Easy Tips For Saving Money on Your Electricity Bill

Posted by Lone Star CU on 11/14/2018

1. Use Natural Lighting:

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Why it is Important to Establish a Relationship With Your Financial Institution

Posted by Lone Star CU on 11/07/2018


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