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Choosing a Credit Counselor

Posted by Lone Star CU on 08/31/2016

Living paycheck to paycheck?  Worried about debt collectors?  Can't seem to develop a workable budget let alone save money for retirement?  If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider the services of a credit counselor. 

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The Cost of Cars – Borrow Smart

Posted by Lone Star CU on 07/11/2016

When you buy or lease a car, you pick the make, model and color.  How much you put down and how long you take to pay off the car have a big influence on what the car actually costs.  Let’s clarify a few terms first:

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The Ins and Outs of EMV Cards

Posted by Lynn Mucken, NerdWallet on 02/03/2016

The credit card swipe is on its way out. In its place is a new way to buy, featuring a small microchip embedded in your plastic and promising more security. Here are answers to questions you might have about the advent of these cards, dubbed EMV cards

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How to Avoid Identity Theft by Hackers, Dumpster Divers and Snoops

Posted by Catherine DeVore on 01/29/2015

If you’re worried about identity theft you have plenty of good reasons.

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Here’s How to Beat a Holiday Debt Hangover

Posted by Catherine DeVore on 01/15/2015

If you overindulged during the holidays and busted your budget in the process, don’t despair. This condition can be licked, though maybe not as easily as dispatching the residual effects of over-imbibing while spreading good cheer. Nonetheless, trying to ignore that flurry of January bills won’t make the debt hangover melt away.  

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