Buying a home is a process. You already have some idea of what’s in store: lots of browsing online, visiting open houses, driving areas you might like to live, researching schools.

But, did you know the home buying process actually starts before all that?

The Home Buying Guide will teach you all about budgeting, the types of mortgages available, and how to pick the right lender.


Home Buyer Guide

You will LOVE the Home Buying Guide’s FIVE step program for buying a home in today’s real estate market.

Here's the sneak peak...

STEP Create a balanced budget
1 Take a look at your financial picture and find an affordable mortgage payment.

STEP Understand the mortgage types
2 Choose the right home loan for your needs and learn key terms and phrases.

STEP Compare lenders and apply
3 Find out what to look for in a home loan and what documents and information you need to apply.

STEP Make an offer and negotiate
4 Strategize the details of your offer with your Realtor, then they will submit it to the seller.

STEP Close on your home
5 Find out what happens during the closing, including costs and required documents.

There’s much more inside the Home Buying Guide from Lone Star Credit Union. It’s the perfect resource to help you make sense of the high-dollar home market.


How is knowledge like a house?

Both require Strong Foundation!

And that’s what the Home Buying Guide will give you. The more you know, the better off you are.

Get all the information you need to navigate a successful home purchase, from getting your finances in order through to closing.

If this is your first home, you might feel like the Texas real estate market is like the wild west! Even if you’ve bought a home before, there’s still a lot to learn. The economy, mortgage rates, and home prices are all moving at warp speed. Here’s how to get a handle on it all!

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