5 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Posted by Elise Norris on 12/12/2018
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The holidays is a time for family, fun, and giving. But giving doesn't have to just be dedicated to your family and friends, you can give to those in need as well. As approximately 23% of the Dallas population lives under the poverty line, it is important for those who don't struggle as much financially to give to those in need, especially around the holidays. Here are 5 ways to give back for the holidays.

1. Volunteer:

Look online to find locations in your area where you can volunteer your time and efforts to a good cause. Whether it's a food bank or a clothing donation center, all the places are going to need as many helpers as they an get around this time of year. This is also an activity you can do with your family or your friends to create a fun experience for a really good cause.

2. Donate Items You Don't Use:

Go through your closet, your kitchen, your attic, and your junk drawers. See if there is anything in you don't use often or that you have too many of and donate them to a nearby donation center. You may not use those items very often while someone else would greatly appreciate them

You can also sell the items of EBay and select for a percentage (10%-100%) of profits to go towards a charity.

3. Donate Blood:

Did you know somebody in the US needs blood every 2 seconds? Take some time out of your day to donate blood and potentially save a life. Best Christmas present ever! Visit a trusted organization such as the American Red Cross or America's Blood Centers.

4. Make a Gift Bag:

Go to your nearest grocery store and fill a bag with some grocery item essentials such as toothpaste, deodorant, snacks, winter clothes (gloves, scarf, hat), or even just buy a gift card to the grocery store. or a restaurant. Small things like this can make all the difference!

You can also buy and wrap up some presents to donate to 'Toys For Tots' to help out kids that aren't fortunate enough to enjoy the holidays this year.

5. Baking:

If you enjoy baking or cooking but don't enjoy all the calories that come with it, then make some food and either give it straight to those in need or sell it and donate the proceeds. Everybody enjoys some sweets around the holiday season and they'll enjoy it even more knowing it's going to a good cause.

These are just a few of your options to give back during the holiday season, and most of them can be turned into a fun activity for family and friends to do together. Anything helps, especially around this time of year. Happy Holidays!

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